Harris in Underland

Introducing Frank Harris, Victorian and Edwardian writer, editor of genius, adventurer and liar.
In Harris in Underland Harris meets his son Alton Lee after a 30-year separation, and tells him the story of his conception, and the suffering and revenge of his older sister. Harris is introduced to Chao Ch’in, who in England calls herself Jane
Shaw. Her daughter has been abducted, and Harris promises to investigate London’s brothels that provide unwilling children for adult clients, hunting for her daughter. He sends ambitious reporter Sholto, who disappears. Trying to recover Sholto and Ch’in’s daughter he is himself taken. He begins a nightmare journey under the streets of London’s Borough, to recover his memory, his self and his freedom. Can he find himself and escape? Can he rescue the others?
A thriller on an epic scale, Harris in Underland features Harris’s friends Oscar Wilde, Bertie Wells and Bernard Shaw, his more ambiguous relationships with Ellen Terry and family and Lady Georgina Mount Temple, and the beginning of his emnity with Charles ‘Lewis Carroll’ Dodgson and his friendship with the young Aleister Crowley.

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