Harris in Exile

Frank Harris was once the greatest man in London, an adventurer, writer, editor of genius, lover and liar.
Towards the end of his life Harris dictated several books about his adventures, so his wife would be able to live on the proceeds after he died. Unfortunately these manuscripts were lost until recently. The third volume in the Harris saga takes place in 1880. Harris is living amongst nervous and excited, mostly young, Europeans who’d fled to exile in London after fighting for revolutions that failed, or being seen when they were out distributing their books and pamphlets. When his friend, the charming but volatile young anarchist Charles Malato, challenges Karl Marx to a duel, Harris is called on to help make sure his friend does not die. At first things seem likely to be farcical, but as the secret police of  dozen nations become involved events take a dangerous turn. This current volume of Frank Harris’s memoirs is still being transcribed. It should be finished by the end of September 2023.

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