Harris and the Assassins

Frank Harris was once the greatest man in London, an adventurer, writer, editor of genius, lover and liar. Towards the end of his life Harris dictated several books about his adventures, so his wife would be able to live on the proceeds after he died. Unfortunately the manuscripts were lost until recently. The second volume in the Harris saga takes place in 1879, two decades before the first. His journey begins when an American government agent blackmails him to go to Persia and hire a group claiming descent from the historical Assassin. The intention is to kill British diplomats, to tip the fight for influence in that land in Russia’s favour. There are no allies in the Great Game. But on arrival Harris decides to act independently and side with Persia. He finds that more than one group claims descent from that ancient order, and that none of them are what they seem or claim to be. He begins a long and dangerous journey to the old stronghold of Hasan-I Sabah on Mt Alamut, and beyond. On his way he finds love with a young woman who is also not who or what she seems. He also comes to realises his true vocation in life.

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