Book tour!

Coming tour!

It looks like the Alan Whelan Literary Tour will be on again, when restrictions relax. It's not just that it's good value to sell your books on your own behalf,…
Alan Whelan
September 26, 2021


Tomorrow I'm going to be promoting my launch, and selling my book, in Pitt Street Mall. Do I have a permit? Not exactly. Not even as such.I expect I'll be…
Alan Whelan
May 25, 2021

The Lockdown Tales

The Lockdown Tales follows ten people, seven women and three men, who escape the city in the early stages of Covid-19’s arrival in Australia, and gather at a farm in…
Alan Whelan
August 14, 2020
Work In Progress

The Lockdown Tales

A look at the political views of the composer Richard Wagner, an antisemite who was also a pacifist who despised German militarism, an anti-imperialist and an anti-racist who admired Lincoln…
Alan Whelan
April 13, 2020