It looks like the Alan Whelan Literary Tour will be on again, when restrictions relax.

It’s not just that it’s good value to sell your books on your own behalf, even when they’re available in shops. It’s also great to meet the book-buying public. My experience, before Delta shut me down, was that people are pleased to hear from a new Australian writer, and the book itself couldn’t be more timely: it sells itself.

The best thing is being at the same spot for a few days and having people who bought the book on Day 1 come up and say they’ve read it or they’re reading it, and they’ve really enjoyed it.

I haven’t had a single negative response yet. I’m sure one will come one day.

Well, one of my Amazon reviews complained that The Lockdown Tales is full of gratuitous sex and drinking. That’s a good quote for the back of the book, in a way: “full of gratuitous sex!” But it’s a damn peculiar thing to say about a book that doesn’t actually include a single sex scene.

I mean, there are moments when it’s obvious that a couple of characters are going to get a room, but the writer never once follows them into that room. Anyway, that’s my only negative feedback so far, and it was kind of fun too.

There’ll be three events. The details are pretty vague as yet, because I don’t know when it will again be possible to sell books.

1.  Newtown

I’ll be in Newtown, talking to passers-by and those who stop and chat, and selling The Lockdown Tales, on King Street. I’m not sure where I’m going to put up my table and stand. It might be in the space outside the railway station, or somewhere else that gets a lot of foot traffic but where I won’t be getting in people’s way.

That will lead to an event, probably on Saturday, most likely in the Newtown Library, or other free community space.

2. Berrima

I’ll be doing a two-week stop in Berrima. People tell me they’re keen on new books in those there parts. So I’ve got one for them.

There’ll be an event, probably with wine and cheese, at the end of that two weeks, but I don’t know where.

3.  Canberra

I’ll be boldly selling in Canberra, in the square, up until Christmas. Two weeks, maybe three, or until stock runs out.

Again, I’m not sure where that event would be.

But I’ll be in Canberra till chucking-out time (or I run out of books: whichever ones soonest) on Christmas Eve, after which I drive home to the Blue Mountains.


So The Lockdown Tales is ready to rumble and roar!




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